C-West’s Mazda RX-7 FD3S (1:24 scale)


Sport and classic cars are another preferred theme for my modelling projects. It was in places like (the now extinct) BMC (Brian Model Cars) and Italian Horses that I came into contact with several techniques used in scale car modelling and this exposure to different ways of doing things improved my model making skills significantly.


This project started a couple of years ago, as me and some friends were doing small workshops on model building, during a temporary exhibition featuring scale models, in  Museu de Ovar (https://www.facebook.com/museudeovar/).

The used model is produced by Aoshima and we shown some simple ways to solve some issues and improve on the detail already provided.

The body had several parts to be cutout and others to be glued in place and served to illustrate several approaches to filing, puttying and sanding, in order to prepare the part for primer.


With all these issues put behind us, a solid coat of paint was applied (this base coat was applied in several layers, never allowing the paint to pool).


The body was set aside to properly cure and work on the lower chassis begun. All parts were cleaned of seam lines and similar common problems (to be fair, they were very subtle, but even so, they were removed). Crocodile clips and wooden sticks are cheap tools that allow us to paint these parts and leave them to dry with minimal risk of marring the paint job.


The provided exhaust muffler was replaced by one built from plastic and metal tubing. Some photo-etched nuts and bolts were also used to improve the parts detail.


With all components painted, the assembly can start, adding some detailing in some places (like the heat shield material, made from cigarette pack material). Subtle use of dry-brushing also helps to make the included details standout.


The interior was the next area to be tackled and the major task was building a full roll-cage, made from 2mm solder wire (this material is very versatile, being also useful to make exhaust lines).


Aftermarket photo-etched harnesses and bucket seats were other additions to the interior detail. Fine flock was also used to simulate the interior lining and floor carpets.

 The wheels were repainted using Alclad II Lacquers and after the application of some small decals were ready for installation.


With everything else ready, the body was clear coated and decals were applied. After clear coating again, some imperfections were buffed out and the door trims and other details were painted. And here is the final result.


C-West’s Mazda RX-7 FD3S (1:24 scale)

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