Fokker Dr.I triplane (1:72 scale)


Eduard released a number of stripdown models a number of years ago. One of them was this little fighter, that I built during 2009. Although it seamed like a daunting model to tackle, it proved to be one of the most enjoyable builds I have ever done.

The model was first built as sub assemblies, soldering much of the photo-etched parts, obtaining  a very sturdy result.


All these sub assemblies could them be easily painted. Grey primer was applied over all parts and served as the base colour for the metallic structure. The parts that to be painted wood received a base colour of Tamiya Buff, over which a coat of brownish oil colours was applied and “pulled” with and old brush, to replicate the wood grain texture.


Metallic parts were painted with AlcladII Lacquers and were slightly weathered with Vallejo Smokey ink.


With all major parts painted, the assembly was done, taking care to use minimal amounts of extra-thin CA glue.

To complete the model, only tiny touch ups and some details remained to be painted.


Besides all the fun this little model provided me, it also resulted in a published modelling article, in the December 2009 issue of Scale Aircraft Modelling.

All of the early stripdown Eduard models have been discontinued, but fortunately, they recently released a newer version of this airplane (with much improved details) and also a 1:48 scale stripdown version of the DH-2 pusher biplane, so the fans of this type of model have something to thrill them.

Fokker Dr.I triplane (1:72 scale)

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