Me 262 A-1a/U-3 (1:72 scale) Part 2


The second (and final) post regarding this model will concentrate on its painting. The chosen livery is one of the decals options included in the kit box, which features a highly elaborate camouflage that, as far as I am aware, were only seen on photographic reconnaissance version of this aircraft. This particular aircraft belonged to NAGr.1 and the one photograph I found of it was taken (as far as I am aware) in Fritzlar, during March of 1945.


With all construction completed, Vallejo Acrylics were used to paint it, starting with an overall coat of RLM76. The kit instructions suggests RLM82 as the only top colour, but the profile published in MBI book suggests differently and this colour scheme is more appealing to me. So besides RLM82, RLM83 was also mottled in some areas. After a coat of gloss varnish, the kit decals were applied.

After another coat of gloss varnish, all details were accentuated using a light oil wash, marking all panel lines. A coat of flat varnish sealed everything, after the oil colours were given enough time to properly cure. At this point, the landing gear and wheel well doors were  glued in place.

The supplied canopy was not as transparent as I wished and I put the model aside, because I had decided to learn to vac-form such parts. Only in late 2015 I had the time and desire to improve on my previous attempts and thus my improvised vac-forming machine was born.


To form the new part, the original kit canopy was worked and polished to a high gloss, which improves the transparency of the formed parts. The trimmed part was glued to the model, but it was void of any frame detail, so to guide the application of the canopy masks, masking tape strips were placed over the canopy, sketching out  the frame position. This made masking the canopy a trivial task, using very thin masking tape and masking fluid.

The canopy was first painted with RLM66, the interior colour, before a coat of RML76, readying it for the final RLM82 colour (replicating the same process used to paint the fuselage).

With the application of RLM82 over the canopy frames, all that was needed to complete the model was to add the antennas (which were scratch built using copper wire, metal tubing, plastic card and Uschi’s superfine rigging thread. Flat varnish was used anywhere CA glue (used to attach these last details) was shining, thus unifying the model surface and completing the model. This little model was a joy and only its canopy gave me some problems. I hope you like these last photos as much as I enjoyed building it.


Me 262 A-1a/U-3 (1:72 scale) Part 2

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