Me 410 B-2/U-4 (1:48 scale)


When Meng Model released their first Me 410, a number of years ago, I was given the opportunity to review it for Scale Aircraft Modelling. As I’m fond of the type, I gladly took the challenge and was pleasantly surprised with the contents inside the kit box.


Featuring two complete DB 603, I could not resist to build it exposing at least one of the engines. The included engine parts feature crisp details and my plan was to supplement it only with some wiring and pluming.

The cowling parts have some thickness and would not look good if the engine is just exposed without the upper cowling. To improve its looks, the cowling parts were beveled in order to look thinner. The next photos show the wing parts dry-fitted, displaying the beveled upper wing cowling, as the lower left; the lower right is still to be beveled.

Comparing the model’s parts breakout with museum photos, there was the need to perform some “surgery”. In order to properly display the cowling without the upper part, two small sections needed to be cut from the upper parts (as shown in the following photos). These small sections were also somewhat thinned, to improve their scale.

With all parts prepared, paint could start to be applied. So far, the wings parts were just dry-fitted in order to make painting of the engine bay, radiators and landing gear wells much easier. The engine mounts were also painted separately and can be seen already fixed to the engine.


As parts fit is close to perfect, all painted sub-assemblies could be added together and after masking some areas, the fuselage camouflage could be applied.


Following available references, ignition wires, oil and cooling fluid piping were added, using thin painted copper wire and solder wire of various thickness. To accentuate the parts details, a light metallic colour was mixed and applied to all bolts and screws.

With the engine completed, it could be fitted in its bay and attaching the propeller finalized its assembly. Adding some subtle weathering (some oil and smoke stains) completed it.


This model was a very enjoyable build and I am very grateful to Jay Laverty (Scale Aircraft Modelling editor at the time) for the chance to review it. Its review was published in the September 2013’s issue of SAM (vol. 35, issue 07).


Me 410 B-2/U-4 (1:48 scale)

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