F-16A Netz (1:144 scale)


I was just a toddler when in June 1981, 8 F-16A from the Israeli Air Force bombed the Al-Tuwaythah Nuclear Research Facility, outside Baghdad, Iraq. This operation showed just how versatile these little airplanes are and three and a half decades later, it is undoubtedly the most successful “modern” fighter design. In order to add a F-16A to my 1:144 scale aircraft collection, I choose to model one of the aircraft that took part in that 1981 operation. There are a few F-16 models kits in 1:144 scale and Revell‘s offering looked a good option (I’ve used their F-16C set, which includes all the parts required to build an A model). The parts exhibit exquisite detail, but there are a few areas requiring some work to improve the parts fit. Some filler solved most of the problems.

Not very long ago, I purchase a mini-lathe (the simplest one I could find that allowed the turning of conical shapes). After a few experiments, I felt I could make some parts. This little F-16 needed two Mk 84 bombs and these turned out to be the very first model parts to come out of the lathe. Using Eduard‘s drawings (from their 1:48 and 1:72 scale sets) as reference, dimensions were calculated for 1:144 scale. A length of brass rod with a diameter slightly larger than the part’s diameter was attached to the lathe chuck and slowly the part started to take form. While turning the parts, regular stops to check the dimensions ensured two parts that look close to the prototypical shape.

This first attempt to produce some model parts using the lathe was quite rewarding and I’m sure it will be a useful tool for future projects.


F-16A Netz (1:144 scale)

8 thoughts on “F-16A Netz (1:144 scale)

  1. Noy Pines says:

    Marco, you’ve got skills! Just a small note: Israeli F-16s carry a green camo which is different to the older green that was carried by the A-4s, F-4s, Mirages etc. The F-16 green is FS 34424 (Light Gray Green), while the NON F-16 green was 34227.

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    1. Thank you Noy. Indeed FS34224 is the colour presently used by IAF F-16s. According to the sources I had available during the model construction, they point out to the use of FS34227 on these early aircraft (and a few old photos from the period seems to support this), but off course these sources can be wrong (as well as my judgement of the colour on the few old photos I’ve seem on some books and in the internet). Cheers.


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