F-16C BARAK (1:144 SCALE) PART 1


This will be a quick post, showing the model presently at my bench. It is a F-16C in 1:144 scale, built using a kit from Revell. The model is great (this is already the third time I am using this particular kit), but there are some fit issues that need to be addressed.  To fill gaps and sink marks, I like to use a mixture of CA glue, talcum powder and a bit of colored pigment (this last component is just to make the mixture easy to see). It cures quickly, it is easy to sand and does not shrink when painted with lacquer primers.

Inevitably, some details were lost in the process and trying to replace the blisters at the vertical stabilizer base, I decided to try out the technique Paul Budzik shows in the following tutorial.

This was my first attempt at such approach and the parts resulted slightly over-scaled, but I see myself using this technique in the future. The following photos show what I was able to obtain.

After replacing the lost details and cleaning up all the parts, the kit is ready for paint, which will be featured in part 2.




F-16C BARAK (1:144 SCALE) PART 1

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