SS-533 – PROJECT 1710 (1:350 SCALE)


Submarines are a theme that caught my attention a number of years ago and to be able to gather a small collection, I have settled on the 1:350 scale, a nice compromise between size and detail (at least, in my humble opinion). Before buying this model, I knew next to nothing regarding Project 1710, but its slick look fascinated me and as it was in my elected scale, I could not resist to add it to my collection.This small model is manufactured by Mikro-Mir and depicts a submarine prototype, the SS-533, Project 1710 only ship (Beluga class as NATO designation), developed to test a number of innovations, as hull shape, propulsors and boundary layer control techniques. This kit includes a number of plastic parts and a small photo-etched fret. Although a very simple model, its surface detail is impressive and parts fit is almost perfect. The hand rails around the submarine sail were absent and I added some made from copper wire.



The kit includes a small photo-etched part, replicating a sensor, that requires several parallel bends to properly form it. Although quite delicate, this part could be bent with flat nose pliers and tweezers, but using a bending tool (like the small 80mm photo etched bender from RP Toolz I have used here) makes it much easier to get consistent and precise bends. The way the part is fixed in the tool allows for careful alignment of each bend and the result can be seen in the following photos.


After cutting metal tubes to proper dimensions (I’ve used the kit’s plastic parts as reference, after comparing them to photos of the submarine), the photo etched part could be set on its pedestal.


After some paint and a subtle wash to enhance the parts details, it was ready to be permanently attached to the submarine sail.

This model was a somewhat quick but very rewarding project. Very simple to put together and incorporating impressive details, it can be built into a nice model. Although the kit parts details are impressive, some attention with small details, like the ones shown in this quick post, can add some extra finesse to an already nice model.



SS-533 – PROJECT 1710 (1:350 SCALE)

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