I have been using Noy’s Miniatures 1:144 printed card bases for many years, as I find them perfect to display my aircraft models. When I was given the chance to build their newly released 1:144 scale Israeli Hardened Aircraft Shelter, I simply could not say no! I usually do not build dioramas, but I like to display my models in a little scenic base, as it helps to contextualize the modeled subject and this kit will certainly fulfill this job beautifully. After checking what other modellers have done with Noy’s Miniatires 1:72 scale HAS kit, the temptation to add some interior details was unavoidable! This first post of this build series will show how the main structure was build up.As this base will be larger than the simple bases I have been using, I decided to make a proper frame for it (I usually just cut balsa profiles to frame my 1:144 scale aircraft bases, as you can see in several of my previous posts showing 1:144 scale aircraft models). Using pine profiles, cut to the appropriate dimensions, a simple frame was set up. The right angle vice was of great help to keep everything aligned.


Careful measurement allowed me to build the frame with tight tolerance around the printed card base.


The main features of the printed base were drawn on a 3mm MDF board, allowing me to setup everything and start assembly without the risk of damaging the card base (which will be glued to this board and press fitted on the assembled frame when completing this little diorama.

HAS_03The kit requires some scratch building of the shelter structure and I chose to built it mainly out of 3mm MDF. This material is easy to work with and its thickness is quite close to the thickness of the resin wall part. I am following shelter layout suggested in the kit’s instructions, but you can easily find a good number of photographs with alternative layouts. The instructions include the necessary parts dimensions which helps to quickly set up the building structure.

In order to show the hangar interior, the back wall was cut open, after establishing the side walls and the ceiling arc, which were made using 0.4 mm plastic card.

Regularly testing for fit allows to continue the work confident that all parts are aligned with the printed base and perfectly fit inside the built frame.


The side wall was also completed using plastic card, but this time 1mm thick, as the MDF was too thick to easily fit in place.


With the side wall in place, the basic building structure is completed. The next installment of this build will deal with assembling the door mechanism and scratch building interior and exterior details.




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