Fw 190 A-6 “Sturmstaffel 1” (1:48 scale) Part 2


Continuing with Hasegawa‘s Fw 190 A-6 model, this update will focus on some tips and  easy ways to improve its detailing. The kit parts feature exquisite details, but there are some areas where replacement with metal tubing or wire can result nicely.

The cannons are prime examples of something that can easily be improved by replacement with metal tubing and it is a simple matter of just cutting and gluing the replacement tube in place of the plastic parts. As can be seen in the following photo, the pitot tube was also replaced by a part made from metal tube and wire, using the kit’s part as a template.


Another little detail added to the cockpit’s Revi gun gun sight was a lens, made with a blob of acrylic resin, slightly tinted with amber color.


Gluing the canopy or other clear parts is something that challenges some modellers, but there is a foolproof method to do it without any danger of damaging the parts. In my opinion, using PVA glue (white glue) is the safest way to attach them. After gluing the part, you can leave the glue to completely cure  and then, with a q-tip with some water, gently remove any excess. The result is free of any problem.

One more tip to add little bits of detail is a quick and easy way to make rivets, screw heads, etc… The method is very simple, just press the back-end of a drill bit over a tin foil and that is it! Just glue this tiny discs in place and you are done!

This simple tips can be used on any kind of models and I hope you’ll find them useful for your own projects.


Fw 190 A-6 “Sturmstaffel 1” (1:48 scale) Part 2

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