SH-3G SEA KING (1:144 SCALE) Part 4


The last installment of this little Sea King build will briefly show how it was painted and weathered.  We last saw the model primed in black, unifying the base color of all the model’s components. I’ve used black simply because it was the color I wanted to use for the clear part’s interior frames.The white color was applied overall, starting with a couple of thin coats of Tamiya‘s XF-2 Flat White, followed by a couple of coats of Mr. Color C01 Gloss White. These lacquers result in a perfectly smooth and resistant surface and if properly reduced, result in a very thin film that does not cover any detail.


Other details were picked up in their specific colors, as instructed by the models livery profile. The supplied decals were some of the best I have ever worked with and when applied using Mr. Hobby‘s decal setting and softener solutions, simply merged with the painted surface, “magically” conforming to every detail, no mater how intricate it was.

With most basic colors applied, all panel lines were picked up using Vallejo‘s Grey wash, reduced with a small amount of water and drying retarder. I find this mixture results in a very subtle, semi-transparent color and any excess or clean up can be done with a soft brush and water. The model was covered in a thin coat of satin varnish and all masking was removed. Some other weathering was done using Ammo‘s enamel washes, feathered with a dry brush, after a few minutes of drying time. The exhaust staining was applied using very diluted Tamiya‘s XF-1 Flat Black, finishing up the minute model.


This model was so rewarding the I am already planning the construction of a different variant of another Sea King (using the same kit).


SH-3G SEA KING (1:144 SCALE) Part 4

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