Boeing SB-17G (1:72 SCALE)


A couple of years ago, a friend asked if I could help with a project he and his superior were planning. He is a member of Portuguese Air Force and at the time, he was serving at Base Aérea Nº4 (BA4), an air base in Azores, which was celebrating its 75th anniversary. The project was to create a small model collection with all the aircraft types that served there. So my contribution for this project was this SB-17G.SB-17G_f06

The model was built using the Academy kit (kit number 2165), adding only a few details. As an example, hydraulic lines were added to the main landing gears, a simple detail done using copper wire.


After being painted (using Vallejo Metal Color) and slightly weathered with AMMO washes, they show all the modeled details.

SB-17G_02Such simple details can add interest to certain areas and improve the general appearance of the model, at the expense of a little extra effort.


In the following video, you can see a program produced by AzoresTV, showing the museum established during BA4’s anniversary celebration (the model collection is briefly discussed  between 40′ 05” and 41′ 50”).

As all the other modellers who contribute to this project, it was a pleasure and an honor to be able to give our small contribution.

Boeing SB-17G (1:72 SCALE)

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